Captain Jackdaw and the Rumbucket

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Fire Performance, Expert Balloon Modelling, Face Painting, Whip Cracking and Fire Eating..

    Sheffield, Yorkshire
   Fire Eaters
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..Available for performance at parties, corporate events, pubs, clubs, bars, streets, gardens, shopping centres, grand openings, not so grand openings.. Weddings, Funerals, Birthdays.. Can occasionally be spotted lurking on Fargate, Sheffield, twisting balloons into all manner of unbelievable delights. Also juggles, devil sticks, face paints, spins flames, demonstrates an impressive rope dart attack, and does things with fire that no sane person should. Like Whips - Actual Fire Whips. Provides circus tuition to adults and children alike, in an impassioned attempt to spread colour and vibrancy into the cobwebbyist corners of your mindsies.