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Calum Lykan

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A weaver of dreams, a teller of tales, a guide around the city streets who can entertain one and all.

    Edinburgh, Scotland
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Scottish and Irish folk tales and legends, Norse and Greek myths, tales from Europe, Asia, America are just some of the stories that Calum likes to tell. A passionate and energetic teller with a style that engages younger audiences, teenagers and adults alike, Calum has told in libraries, schools, community centres, public houses, theatres, festivals and even on the street. Life is breathed into the story with each telling and Calumís passion for storytelling drives him to take every opportunity to entertain and give the gift of the story. As an active Tour Guide in Edinburgh Calum also offers a broad range of historical and storytelling tours, and this has given him a wealth of experience working with school groups and with historical/educational visits.

Born in Ayrshire in the heart of Burns country, Calum grew up surrounded by the stories from this rich and beautiful area. Like the Bard, Calum also moved to Edinburgh where he is a regular contributor at such nights as Cafe Voices and The Guid Crack. Calum Lykan is also the founder of The Burgh Blatherers Group, a development night for new and apprentice storytellers, and The Burgh Blatherers Club, a monthly open mic night. Traditional Scottish Folk & Fairy Tales Historical Tales Whisky Tales Russian Folk and Fairy Tales Celtic Tales Norse Sagaís and Stories Native American Tales Greek & Roman Tree stories Animal stories Tales from the Ocean Pirate Tales of High Adventure and Skullduggery Halloween Tales Ghosts and ghouls Christmas Stories Historical Walks and Tours Ghost Walks and Tours