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Brian Kelly

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Top Astrologer offers witty Guest Speaker services. Light, fun and very accurate, analysing Star Signs.

    Bromley, London
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Brian Kelly Astrologer, a professional Astrologer almost since childhood, when he realised his mother was not a typical Cancerian, as she couldn't cook.

Astrology is a lot more than the study of the 12 Star Signs. Each individual has a personal Birth Chart, which is a unique map of the sky for the date and place of birth and time of day of birth. In your personal chart, you will have several Signs strong, and may or may not be true to your Sun (Birth), Sign, or the Signs either side of it.

Brian's talks can suit any occasion. They can be a light-hearted interlude in a more serious corporate event, they can be part of a regular programme of speakers, he does women's groups, men's groups, groups of people who are neither or either, and he will entertain anyone keen to listen.

If participants are well known to each other, it can be fun for everyone to put their birth data into a hat at the beginning of the event, and then Brian can pick out people at random and analyse their character from their Birth Charts.

For those interested in predictions, Brian can focus on assessing the impact of the current and future planetary movements, and reveal what to expect in the coming months.

With over 30 years experience in Astrology, and with a quirky and humourous approach to life, Brian's talks are always memorable.

Talks can be tailored to an audience. If they are interested, Brian can talk more about his career and life - a CV which includes working for the BBC, radio presenting, television, the theatre, writing, psychic fairs, event compering, and working one-to-one with clients, famous and otherwise.

Each job is priced separately. Distance, profile, duration and requirement, will all affect the fee. Brian is sometimes available at short notice, so it is always worth asking, but the longer the notice, the better.