Golden Juggler
Juggler Borro jr
Golden Juggler George Borro Jr
Golden Juggler George Borro Jr
amazing juggling with 3 balls
Pantomime actor
Children Entertainer George Borro jr
Juggler Sunny boy
Santa Klauss
Golden Juggler George Borro Jr
Pirate by George
Magic and balloons modeling by me
Magic and balloons modeling by me
Magic and balloons modeling by me

Borro Junior

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George Borro junior is a master in playing juggling with objects; he is a facturist, very plastic, stretched and artistic.

RANK #1974
Borro junior is a master in playing and juggling with objects, he is a facturist, very plastic, stretched and artistic. He makes amazing tricks with 3 balls.

Combinations: juggling with 5 objects, sitting, under the legs, with limited hand movements, in all positions. In this way Borro junior merged two genres – joggling and klishnik. The only performer: throws 5 balls in the air, makes a pirouette, manages to sit down splits, and the ball comes directly into his hands.

Swipe: George throws a large ball to the air, makes a horizontal pirouette around himself and catches the ball with his feet without looking at it. Freely juggling with 7 balls. Attempts to train with 5 rings, 5 mace, 8 balls. In the same period of time an old dream of George junior to participate in various performances in television came true. George junior participation in a television show “LATVIAN GOLDEN TALENTS”. On the 16th October 2010 after 4 TV competition rounds George shows his new art number “Golden Juggler”. It is possible to watch the evaluation words said by honorable jury members. They said “There is nothing to discuss, wonderfully performed!” All three jury members said “YES” and George received 3 stars that gave him the chance to participate further and be admitted to the viewers’ voting. The art performance “Golden juggler” was highly recognized by a famous choreographer and a director of ice theatre and children fund “ATTISTIBA” Marite Smaukstule. She offered a participation in an ice theatre performance called “Christmas with brave Petya” to George. Participants prepared for the show with the choreographer Alexandr Zulbin during one month. The performance was held in Kaunas on the 26th November, there was also a tour to Latvia. George took part in the performance in his new role as a hunter. The most difficult was to juggle while skating. In 2000 during a tour in Russia George had to work with a skating team, then he also learned to skate – otherwise he would not be likely to participate in the Christmas show now. Perhaps, once a famous horse holder could offer George to juggle on a horseback. Then George could make it, too, because he already had experience with horses (he attended a circus riding school). The juggler participation in night performances on Tallink and Silja Line ferries. The unique agency “Show Makers” from Estonia in cooperation with the Riga Artist Agency invited George to perform in the summer night programs “Summer Holidays” and “Summer of Love” when he was still in Britain. After returning to Riga in late April and until the half of May George went for rehearsals to Tallinn to prepare for the night program series, which began on the 16th May on the route Riga-Stockholm on a beautiful ferry “Romantika”. The premiere took place: the audience and the inviting part were happy. George Borro jr.

Technical Details

stage space require - 2*4 electrical sockets require - 1 require to set up and sound check - 5min

Sample Repertoire  
Meeting Rooms Available 1
No. Bedrooms 2
Basic Rate £50EURO
Acting Credits  
Title 1. Venue: [TV talents show, Lithuania, Vilnius 2010]
Production TV SHOW
Director TV PLAY
Title 2. Venue: [TV talents show,Latvia,Riga, 2010]
Production TV SHOW
Director LNT
Title 3. Venue: [Tallink cruise ship, Turku/Stokholm, 2011]
Production SHIP
Director TALLINK
Personal Statistics  
Height 1ft 1in
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Weight 10-19lbs
Hair Length Short
Skin Colour White
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Hair Type Straight
Shoe Size 3 UK
Chest 20in
Waist 20in
Hips 20in