Tiger face & body painting
ACP 1st place Cyber Man steampunk bodypaint
Typical on a booking flowery facepaint
Superman bodypaint
Fashion face paint makeup photoshoot
Body painted Cat dancer
Peacock neck glitter tattoos
Quick Avatar bodypaint
Web witchy pink Haloween bodypaint Shanghai
Body painted quick welsh rugby shirt
Gold living statues tennis buddha bodypaint, Hong
Spring daisy China InMagazine face paint/makeup sh
Extreme Makeup flower neck geisha bodypaint
Super hero mashup cosplay comic con demo bodypaint
USA pride bodypaint demo pro beauty fake jeans
Art Deco dragonfly bodypaint demo for Paintopia Pr
Urban Jungle neon uv 80s bodypaint fashion promo
Typical on a booking dinosaur facepaint
Cosplay The Thing bodypaint
Typical on a booking UV club neon facepaint
Mr Darcy fake clothes bodypaint advert
Advert trompe wall camo bodypaints
Advert trompe wall camo bodypaints with Juliet eve
Skull makeup facepaint


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BodyPaintingByCat- living statues, promo models, etc & freehand glitter body tattoos by top UK face & body painter

   Face Painting
RANK #1922
Cat can bring colour to any event! Alien dancers, living statues, fake clothes, animals, high fashion, dreams...anything is possible.
UV/ clubwork paints also available.
Cat specialises in quality, fast body art, and works at high profile events around the world. From artistic magazine shoots to parties and promo models, Cat brings your ideas to life.

Winner of most UK Body Art/ Face art/ Freehand Glitter Body tattoo comps. 5th in World Face Awards Official body painter for the Hong Kong Rugby 7s since 2007
Leader in this freehand glitter tattoos - sparkling waterproof, smudge-proof art. Ideal for performers.

Full PLI with Equity & Advanced FACE certificate

Technical Details

Enough space and decent light to set up my table and makeup chair in if decorating public/ faces. For bodypainting enough space / light and WARMTH for the model to lay down in may also be required.