Getting to know London’s Event Venues one location at a time!


Taking the tube each morning to go to work is a routine for most people, but where I come from; a country where bullet-proof glass is an everyday thing, I see London Transport as a symbol of freedom, and that’s exactly how i felt taking the DLR to London’s Excel, free!


The overground electric railway, DLR’ or Docklands Light Railway, conveniently dropped me off right in front of Excel, where numerous conferences, exhibition, entertainment shows, and sporting events have taken place, including games from the Olympics 2012 and just as important,  Miss World contest 2014. After getting off of the DLR, you will walk through a long passageway that will lead you to a stunning view of the Royal Victoria Dock and the luxurious Sunborn Yacht Hotel, perfect to stay on a weekend when you just want to escape from the city crowds, or to celebrate a magical and stylish wedding. I must say, before I keep on going with this article, that I purposely decided to visit the ExCel on a non-eventful day in order to appreciate the place itself.


The center was builtIMG_4920 in the year 2008 by Sir Robert McAlpine and in the year 2008 it was acquired by the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company. It consists of two halls that can be divided into smaller rooms. Each one of these halls is about 44 square meters long. There are also three sets of smaller rooms that are used for meetings, conferences, and other affairs that do not include hundreds of people.


After walking around this massive venue, I went down the stairs to take a better look of the surroundings, where a sculpture caught my eyes and invited me to get closer. This sculpture depicts three hard-labor workers. On the plaque it says “This sculpture has been erected as a tribute to the history of the communities of the Royal Docks and the men and women who worked there from 1855 – 1983. Funded by a charitable appeal supported by the Royal Ducks Trust (London). The author, Le Johnson, named this sculptor “Landed”. If you ever attend to an event at the ExCel, just take a few minutes to climb down the stairs and take a look at this sculpture, makes you appreciate the place a little bit more.




I must say that this city never cease to surprise me and, I’m sure, it has never ceased to surprise anybody. It is impossible to feel alone when walking on its streets and there is always an event to attend to. My advice, always be up-to-date on what is going on at ExCeL, it is easy as going into their website and click on where it says “What’s On?” and keep an eye on Earl’s Court, because it looks promising. London, you make us all fall in love with you.

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