Be the First Host to Also Enjoy the Party

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 1.41.01 PMYou know your daughter’s boyfriend is likely to propose soon and that simple thought comes along with the headache that planning a wedding represents… Darling, life is already too hard to be stressed about something as joyous as a wedding, this is why I strongly (and none hesitantly) advise you to attend to “Venues and Events Live 2015”. Here, you will find yourself surrounded by over 250 event suppliers and venues and you shall be able to choose from a variety of 40 seminars, including a tutorial on wine given by the expert Jane Parkinson from Saturday Kitchen.


This year, “Venues and Events Live” will take place on Wednesday September 23rd and Thursday September 24th at Old Billingsgate Market. Their goal is to help you plan the events that you will have to organize throughout the year (you know those are coming, so why not accept the free help that is being offered?). You can go for two hours or you can decide to arrive at 9:00am and spend your whole day there. I guarantee that it will be a singular experience that, through fun and interesting seminars, plus 5 floors of exhibitors, will make your life a lot easier. And who doesn’t need that these days?

Register NOW for free simply click “Venues and Events Live 2015


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