Faith in Humanity Restored!

rflPeople will always surprise you, and this time in a good way, since a new report has revealed that the participation of the masses in fundraising charitable events continues to grow exponentially.  Fundraising events like Race For Life, Moon Walk, and The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning raise great amounts of money for charitable foundations in spite of the constant growth of digital campaigns which, one would think, would replace these fundraising events because it is easier to support an ideal while seated on a sofa and participating through a smartphone. But that has not been the case, we’ve seen an increase in the hire of it’s a knockout days and similar team building events which put the ‘fun’ in fundraising and for that we should feel proud. There is nothing wrong with digital campaigns, any campaign with the goal of helping people is warmly welcome, but it’s nice to see people doing the effort of actually attending to said events. For example, Cancer Research UK’s Race For Life has become one of the biggest charity mass participation fundraisers in the UK, and that should simply make us happy.

Of course, we cannot ignore the huge impact that last year’s Ice Bucket Challenge had on social media, campaign in which relevant celebrities like Jim Parsons and Rita Ora decided to participate in. Fact that motivated millions of people. The Ice Bucket Challenge raised more than £11.5 million for two charities, and we have to thank social media for reaching those millions of people who dared to soak themselves with ice cold water in order to raise awareness about ALS disease. rita-ora-ice-bucket-challenge-2014-billboard-650x430

According to Massive Top 25 the biggest fundraising events in the UK are:

  1. Race For Life – £51,521,000
  2. World’s Biggest Coffee Morning – £25,100,000
  3. Movember – £11,000,00
  4. No Make up Selfie – £8,000,000
  5. Moonwalk – £7,500,000

Way to go, people!

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