Experience Pure London 2015

IMG_5066Arriving at Earl’s Court I was greeted by a direct bus service for Pure London 2015 at Olympia. It can be a little awkward to reach Olympia from Earls Court if the train or bus service is not provided, but for this hugely popular fashion event, a direct transfer service is provided at no extra cost.

If you have never visited Olympia Grand the first thing that will marvel you is the grandeur of this spectacular venue. I was amazed by the architecture of this wonderful venue, and I simply loved it. I walked around and appreciated (the clothes, of course, but also) the well organized that this event was. Every stand appeared to be where it was supposed to be. Even though there was a lot of people it never seemed too crowded, there was always enough space for everybody to walk and stop to see with more detail any brand that had caught their attention. Apart from the gallery of different stands, several seminars about marketing, how to manage social media in the most effective way possible took place. A tip that I learned was: do not tweet on Tuesdays; apparently nobody is on Twitter that day of the week. I just found that quite interesting and thought you should know.


I walked into some stands and interviewed whoever was available to answer some questions, I must say that everybody IMG_5070was very kind and they all agreed on the fact that either that quality of the event had increased or stayed the same, they had always come back because they considered it a great opportunity to expand their brands and get in touch with the people. On the first floor, you could find from swimsuits to elegant dresses for stylish parties. The second floor was dedicated to shoes and other accessories. I must say that one thing that caught my attention and, actually, made me smile, is that everybody was eating. There were food stands in every corner, in front of every catwalk, and everybody was enjoying of their pizzas, sandwiches, croissants, and coffees. It did not matter that it was a fashion event. I don’t know, I really appreciated that.

I highly recommend this event, you do not even have to be highly interested in fashion to enjoy it. You can still attend tomorrow, August 4th. Just click here! If you do not have the time, you should go next year. Next year will be an important year for Pure London, because menswear will be introduced as part of the products displayed and available for sale on the stands.

So! That was my experience, hope yours will be the same, or even better!


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