Choosing the Best Venues in Leeds for Your Corporate Conference

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Whether you’re travelling across the country, or organising a local venue, it is important to have adequate preparations when organising a business meeting or company conference in Leeds. The city has a wide range of venues and conference spaces available on both a large and a small scale, according to the requirements of your company. We have put together a small comprehensive list of ideas and advice for those looking at booking a venue in Leeds.

Check out the reviews
Reviews of Leeds venues are infinitely useful in figuring out whether or not a venue is worth hiring.

However it is important to take these reviews with a pinch of salt, as not all of them will be 100% genuine. While there will be a number of genuine accounts from people who honestly want to share their experiences in hiring the venue, you will always get the occasional ‘picky eater’ or ‘spam account’ designed to completely slander the venue and the company and all it represents.

Learn to take the good with the bad and see if there are any correlating facts between the bad reviews, as there may be more weight to several reviews having issue with one element of the venue. As always, it is good to go with your better judgement if in doubt.

See Recommendations from Venue finder organisations
With a wide range of venue finding organisations available online for your perusal, you could enlist the help of an event organiser, who will have experience in finding similar venues for other companies and businesses. Venue directories will have an accurate depiction of which venues are best for what events, and many will have contact numbers that you can call ahead of time.

Venues in Leeds

Venues in Leeds

View the Venue Beforehand
When deciding on your Leeds venue, you will need to visit the venue at least once if possible, in order to ascertain whether or not the venue meets your requirements. There is only so much information you can gleam from pictures on the Internet and from reading reviews so it is far better to go see it in person. While you are there you can also ask questions prepared to the venue manager, and see whether or not the venue provides the facilities you require for hosting your conference or meeting.

You may also have the opportunity to view different meeting rooms from the one you had initially viewed online, giving a wide scope of opportunities if the conference room you had initially inquired about doesn’t seem to quite fit the bill.

For the best venues in leeds - Function Fixers

For the best venues in leeds – Function Fixers


Enlist the Help of a Senior Colleague
There is no harm in asking for help, particularly if you are dealt a difficult hand. If there are any senior colleagues you can defer to for advice, make sure you use the resources given. Some colleagues will be able to provide expert advice on what to prepare for, what not to do and what sort of venues to avoid.

Plus when it comes to requesting specific facilities from the venue, make sure to ask plenty of questions, as the Venue can only deny you when requested. However it is better off to make sure the venue knows of your requirements before you turn up at the venue, so make everything clear in your communications and assistance from a senior colleague can be a great advantage in ensuring this is the case.

Free Venue Finders

Free Venue Finders

Find a University Space

Universities are often a good venue for business conferences as they already contain many of the facilities needed for business conferences and meetings. The University of Leeds provides a number of university owned spaces for day meetings and training as well as catering facilities and dining rooms for longer conferences and more casual business meetings and events. It is a good idea to take a look at the various conference rooms the University of Leeds has to offer, to decide whether or not it will meet your requirements.

Whether travelling to Leeds specifically for the purposes of the conference, or as your company has a branch in Leeds, the city has a number of first class venues designed specifically for business meeting and company conferences, if you do your research. By attending to the reviews and taking advice given from any senior members – if it is your first time organising a conference – you should be able to find a stellar venue that provides all the facilities you need for a successful event.

Best of luck…

Mike Artemis

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