10 things you must know before attending The X Factor


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  1. Don’t get lost using the underground . . . I did, the tube can be a vast maze of tunnels, so plan your journey.
    It’s 1pm and I’m lining up with thousands of excited spectators to watch the live filming of Syco Management’s The X Factor, the show has come a long way since series 1 back in 2004 where the auditions were performed in front of just a handful of judges, but todays performers face a huge crowd.
    It’s my first experience and what’s interesting is that I always thought it took place at night. The biggest show on British TV and tickets are extremely hard to come by, especially priority seating, I feel like a VIP. I had to collect my ticket at 11am and I made sure that I was punctual, English people are not like us Venezuelan’s, things actually start at the time they are supposed to!
  1.            Get there early, give yourself plenty of time . . . things tend to run on time here in the UK (Panting) I… made… it!!


X Factor 2015 Wembley Arena

Back Stage at the X Factor TED | SuperTED


 3.           Keep your ear to the ground, and be aware of what’s happening around you … I over heard someone explain that the doors have not been opened because the judges have not yet arrived. Ha! I guess English punctuality is not how the rest of the world thinks it is… but it’s good to know as I can now get to a better position to see Simon Cowell when he arrives.

 4.           Remember everyone around you is probably as excited to be there as you are… so I guess that everybody likes Simon Cowell. Why does that surprise me? I thought it was a foreign thing. Now that I think about it… what was I thinking?! Foreign thing… Of course everyone likes Simon and with that Simon Cowell’s Roll’s Royce has arrived, and people of all ages get extremely excited.

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5.             Pay attention, listen and follow instructions … before the show starts a warm up comedian and presenter talks to the audience, everyone appears to be having fun and laughing, this guy, Stuart Holdham‘ must be funny, but if i’m honest I couldn’t really understand quite what he was saying? lol

OK I guess I should stop saying that I am bilingual’ because clearly I do not speak English as well as I thought! Sad… because everybody else is laughing hysterically.

 The judges walk in, one by one, while the audience claps and screams and everyone gets on their chairs trying to get a good photo.

6.             Have your camera ready … as you just don’t know when a great photo-opportunity arises. It’s funny how for all of us watching it’s a big day, massive excitement, but for the judges, it is just another day of work. I wonder how they feel? I’m sure it must be nice to have people screaming when they see you every week…

X factor Auditions

X factor Auditions

7.             Don’t use up all your memory or battery power … as when the auditions start you might want to take photos or videos of acts. As the auditions start i realise this guy is talented, and so is the next girl, and in fact everybody i’ve seen today is really good. I wanted to put together a video clip of many acts, but my phone was full and while deciding which old videos to delete, my battery died, DOH!

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 8.            Make notes of performances, names and styles . . .

Cheryl commented on one of the acts, a band, but she sees that one of the band members is doing a good job, i thought this Guy’s great! Cheryl thought so too as she stated that he could have a good chance by himself. But this was not received well by the audience as the start to reply, the crowd gives Cheryl a boo!


9.              Make eye contact, stand out and be unique … In between auditions, the presenter talks to the audience and invites people to meet the judges, I was hoping it would be me but this time a little girl was chosen. Kids have the world at their feet and they do not even know it! A while ago, that could have been me, hugging Simon Cowell and Rita Ora.

10.            Do your research, have something intelligent to say … i’m sat a few rows back from Simon and the Judges, and between auditions people call out their names, what i thought was really nice was the judges actually replied, turning to wave and chat with those around them.  But would they turn around if I yell in Spanish? I yelled; “Simon, te amo.” Simon turned around and waved, i almost fainted, lol.

So, that was my summary of The X Factor, i got to meet a lot of talented people and it was definitely an experience that I love to enjoy of over and over again, and you never know Simon might read my blog and invite me for tea! I’d definitely faint, lol x






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