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Aura Reader- Aura Photography - Tarot Reader Unlock your hidden potential and discover the real you.

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Aura Reader- Aura Photography - Tarot Reader

Aura and Tarot Readings are a great attraction for all types of events and parties. Readings can be tailored to suit the occasion from fanciful and humorous to serious and transformational. Joy Elaine Watkins had many psychic experiences in childhood, which prompted a lifelong study of spirituality, self-improvement, and natural health. She has given intuitive readings, motivational talks, and workshops professionally for the last 15 years in many settings including for TV documentaries, national magazines, corporate events, newspapers, conventions, and private parties. She has started, owned and operated successful businesses both in London and in the United States. She has worked through NLP, mediumship, numerology, colour therapy, palmistry, tarot, and psychometry. She started using the aura imaging equipment and software over six years ago and has been fascinated by the accuracy of the images. She became a Life Coach to better inspire her clients toward positive change. (Joy Watkins has a NCFE Certificate from Newcastle College in Life coaching- a course designed with the input of Britain’s leading authority Fiona Harrold.) If you want someone who has experience: Working with names like SONY, NIVEA, TIMEX, and ROCKETDOG for product launches

Technical Details

For Aura Readings I need a power outlet within 2 metres and preferably a table and two chairs though I can put equipment on a high table. For tarot I can roam from table to table or be seated at a table and two chairs. For motivational talks I can use power point or nothing