Anjes Borchers
Anjes Borchers

Anjes Borchers

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Anjes Borchers - German Voice Talent , sound production studio and ISDN - Highly experienced and extremely versatile - Available in real-time and worldwide

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RANK #1942
Anjes is a trained actress and has been working as a voice talent since 1992.
She is the German „telephone-voice“ for Microsoft Online Services, Visa, Windows Azure, Symantec Technical Support and many more.
Anjes has recorded many e-learning courses (e.g. Samsung, IBM, Texas Instruments), web- and corporate presentations (e.g. PayPal, Volvo, McAfee, Macromedia).
Her voice can be heard at the London Aquarium, on ships and planes (e.g. Singapore Airlines, Superfast Ferries, Israir Airlines) and in Museums and Cathedrals (e.g. Sony Low Resolution Museum, Halberstadt Cathedral, Museum Tielt)
Anjes can deliver a vast variety of voice styles.