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Abigail Spear

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Actress interested in all types of work! Also a classical soprano with a rich voice Abigail and available for weddings and other functions!

    Harrow, London
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Private/Corperate Events
Whether you want her for a wedding, a funeral, a christening, a party, a dinner or anything else, Abigail is available to be booked for your event and will perform with loving sensitivity appropriate for the occasion. She will put together a set personal to you and your event, with your requests always being taken into account! She asks for a minimum of one months notice in order to create the perfect performance for your event. Note: She will consider bookings with shorter notice but may not be able to create such a personal program.

Charity Events
Abigail is also passionate about working with charities, spending this academic year working full time for the NCT charity as well as having performed concerts for her local hospice. If you would like Abigail perform for a charity concert or event she will happily do so for free, asking only for travel expenses to be covered.

Four Part Group, Cantare Quartet
If you would prefer a group performance, Abigail is available to be booked as part of four part close harmony group, Cantare

With a bubbly personality, hard working attitude and enthusiasm for learning, Abigail is interested in all forms of acting work and would love to audition for you!